380 m³/hour

Number of speeds





Bulb 1х25 W

Grease filter


Package size

547x172x530 mm


5,1 kg

The noise level

39,3-47,8 dB

Power consumption

135 W



The team of specialists of TM ELEYUS knows how important for all of us is peace and comfort in our homes. This is the concern the kitchen hood Line I 50 WH has been designed because, as you know, the main thing is the "weather" in the house, and everything else in life is only the fuss. Laconic, but extremely stylish hoods will not leave you indifferent, because they do not limit you in choosing the style of your kitchen. No matter whether you like restrained classic or suburban motifs country style, or you are a fan of modern minimalism and high-tech, even the Japanese modern style - you can easily integrate the kitchen hood Line I 50 WH into your kitchen, where it undoubtedly will take a worthy place. The extract is made so that you can hassle to attach it under a wall cabinet or simply fasten to the wall. In any case, its perfect, but discreet design will be a real decoration of your kitchen. The kitchen hood Line I 50 WH is painted with high-quality powder paint, which makes it perfect not only aesthetically, but also extremely durable and resistant to external influences.

However, the style and the versatility of the kitchen hood Line I 50 WH is not only its advantage. Thanks to the performance of 380 m³/h, it is easily cleanse the room the kitchen. Extraneous odors, steam, hot air are simply vanished without a trace and they do not bother you anymore. The owners of the kitchens with complicated joint to the ventilation shaft should not worry so with the recirculation mode, this problem will be solved, and the air will be cleaned. To ensure the recirculation mode it should be equipped with carbon filter hood ELEYUS FW - 183 to keep out air from the turbine into the space of the room. The hood is equipped with incandescent lamp, so this pleasant light will be convenient not only for work, but also for the rest of the family. The mechanical drawing management is extremely simple and easy to use, and besides, durable, like the hood itself.

The engineers of ELEYUS TM are confident in the quality and reliability of its products, so for the cooker hood Line I 50 WH, as all other products, you get a 5-year warranty, backed by a network of service centers throughout Ukraine. Buying the kitchen hood Line I 50 WH you are to be sure that the "weather" in your home will always be great!



TM ELEYUS gives 5 year full warranty on the cooker hood Line I 50 WH. Furthermore, this warranty backed by a strong base and numerous service centers throughout Ukraine.


ELEYUS - is the first national manufacturer of built-in appliances. All products are manufactured in modern and high-tech equipment company (SAYUZ, Ltd), located in Ternopil.


The product meets the basic requirements of EU directives and harmonized EU standards.


All products TM «ELEYUS» undergo systematic quality control, as evidenced by the quality management system and meet the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001: 2009.

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