Update for ELEYUS 3D Styler was released.

The trade mark Eleyus, manufacturer of kitchen hoods № 1 in Ukraine, took care that not only was it convenient and comfortable to use our products, but it was also easy and pleasant to choose the very extractor that will most beautifully emerge into your interior and long years will admire the eye. It was with the thought and care of you that the first and only mobile add-on of the addition of reality "ELEYUS 3D Styler" in Ukraine was updated, which will surprise and capture even the most experienced users. The mobile real-world application of ELEYUS 3D Styler is supported by Android and iOS operating systems.

So let's start. You can easily download the app from the Play Store app store and the App Store. Simply enter the word "Eleyus" in the store search bar, download and open the app, and you will be able to appreciate the thoughtfulness, ease of use and simplicity of the interface from the first moments. The very first thing you can do is to choose the hood that you really like most.

The application will allow you to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the product in detail, choose the desired size and color, as well as in different angles and in the smallest detail, look through the 3D extractor.
And now - about the most interesting! The mobile application of the augmented reality "ELEYUS 3D Styler" is unique and unique because it will allow you to try the chosen extractor in the interior of the existing or future kitchen. It's all very simple: first go to the "Instructions" section and click the "Download" button, which will give you an image that you can print on any printer.
Attach the resulting picture in the place where you would like to see the hood, point the camera of your device to it, and click on the button "Fit the hood in your interior" and the veil - here you can see your future hood on the screen.
But even this is not the limit of the mobile application of the added reality of "ELEYUS 3D Styler", because you can move the hood around the screen in different directions, change its color and size, and even choose the color and texture of the background, which is the hood. It is interesting to observe how such a habitual part of the home changes simply in front of the eyes. Try this really fascinating! Moreover, you can take a photo of your kitchen with a virtual hood and even share it with popular social networks.
The Eleyus brand team is constantly working to improve our products and services, as we make sure that you, our buyers, only get the best.