The development engineers team of ELEYUS TM for creating their products applying the newest technology and elaboration, modern equipment. They constantly keeps abreast of advanced trends to satisfy all wishes of true-hearted customer. One of the innovations, which certainly will please the most demanding customers is cooker hoods of TM ELEYUS with ELEYUS LED SMD lighting. This technology considered the last word in lighting and high demand in the world because it has exceptional properties. ELEYUS LED SMD lighting was designed and manufactured specifically for our products assembly consider all the current trends and consumer needs.

Guided by the detailed research of the market, the development engineers team of ELEYUS TM took care to ELEYUS LED SMD lamp contained just those qualities that characterize of the perfect product, so low power consumption of 3 watts and lifetime of 25 000 hours leaves them out of any competition. However, these characteristics only begin a wide range of benefits. ELEYUS LED SMD - a miniature and very powerful LED and it have light temperature 4500 Calvin. Although the general light temperature range is 3000 - 6000 Calvin, our specialists have chosen exactly this figure, because it is the most appropriate for the human body, promotes the natural color reproduction and provides minimum eye strain. The angle of light dispersion above 110º and candle power that is 200 lumens provide a detailed wide angle of illumination. These indicators together with the perfect geometry of the lamps significantly increase the area of coverage. Color reproduction index reaches 70 digits, so your eye will perceive the visible colors with minimal distortion and as close to natural. ELEYUS LED SMD lamps are relating to the common contact group GU10 and it will allow to buy the same lamp in any store lighting equipment and easily replace it.

Also it is worth saying, that candle power of ELEYUS LED SMD lamps not inferior to candle power of so habitual incandescent lamp, but it takes 10 times less energy.

You can be sure - a team of professionals TM ELEYUS closely takes care and carefully selects every detail of their products, because it is the only way to create a true example of quality and style. Kitchen hoods ELEYUS with ELEYUS LED SMD lamps - is not only practical, cost-effective and beautiful, it is a harmony in your home and a wonderful family well-being for a long time!