Kitchen extractor ELEYUS SOLO - video review of the dome extractor

Eleyus Solo - the perfect solution for a modern kitchen: excellent functionality and nothing extra. Its smooth, curved lines in the classic design, framed with a unpainted tree (rustic), which can be painted in any color, or a tree in a color of walnut or cherry. That will allow you to find her place in your kitchen, and also use it as a decorative shelf.

The Solo 750 model is equipped with a 750 m 3 / h turbine, a Solo 1000 model, a 1,000 m 3 / year turbine.

Mechanical control (button), halogen lighting.

Typical sizes: 60 cm, 90 cm. Colors: ivory with tree (unpeeled tree, cherry, walnut). Outlet circle with a diameter of 150mm. Includes adapter for (120mm.) For connection to ventilation systems.