Kitchen hood ELEYUS MODUL - video review of the built-in hood

Today we present to you a new MODUL extract from TM ELEYUS.

The MODUL extractor is designed primarily for those who want to create the design of their hood. The built-in part of the hood can be fitted to any design, whether it be in retro or high tech. By the way, the very name of the model says that this extractor is a module for creativity.

The MODUL extractor is designed for installation in a custom-made portal, when attention is paid to your design and does not focus on the working surface of the hood, the extractor so to say invisible.

At first glance, this is a typical built-in hood, but it has a significant advantage - it is a small height of the built-in part of the hood, 138 mm., Which is easily mounted in a locker, portal or in a cookie designed to your liking.

At the same time, there are many up-to-date trends in kitchen design, when even such a discreet hood is still in the spotlight.

 The MODUL extractor has a high output of 700 and 960 m3 / h, which allows it to quickly remove smoke, steam, and hot air from the kitchen. Also, the extractor is equipped with two halogen lamps with soft light and a large area of ​​illumination. Convenient and reliable button controls are located so that you could easily use it as it should. The control has 3 speed buttons, the button for switching on and off the light and the button for shutting down the hood itself.

The MODUL extract hood is available in sizes of 52 and 70 centimeters and with productivity of 700 and 960 m3 / h. Stainless steel.

Also, a significant advantage over competitors is that TM ELEYUS provides a 3 year warranty for the MODUL extractor. At the same time, this guarantee is backed up by a powerful and numerous base of service centers throughout Ukraine. Extractors from ТМ ELEYUS are developed and manufactured at the plant in Ukraine, in the city of Ternopil. The management and staff of TM ELEYUS work steadily to create new refined models and continuous improvement of the quality level.

Check out the technical characteristics of the hoods with its dimensions, colors, design options, instructions and even try the MODUL hood in the interior of your future or existing kitchen and much more on the site of the manufacturer of TM ELEYUS.