Kitchen hood ELEYUS OPTIMA - video review of T-shaped hood

Today, we want to present to you a reliable and functional kitchen extractor Optima from ТМ ELEYUS.

The team of engineers-developers of TM ELEYUS is the best specialists of their field, professionals who ensure that you and your home have always stayed in the trend. It was with the care of you that the kitchen extractor Optima was created, which will radically change your perception of style and shape.

You are not afraid to be brave and stylish, you like to be different from the crowd and wonder? Then the kitchen extractor Optima is exactly what you have been looking for a long time. Its design impresses with crisp and slightly harsh lines of matte stainless steel that flows smoothly into the soft bend of the tempered glass, creating a fantastic atmosphere in your home in the style of the future. Surprise yourself how extraordinary your kitchen can be, surprise your guests with their excellent taste - everything is easy with a kitchen hood Optima.

Due to its high productivity of 750 m3 / h, the kitchen extractor Optima will completely clean your kitchen from steam, foreign smells and hot air in minutes. The extractor is equipped with two ultra-modern LED bulbs, which have a long life (over 25 000 hours) and consume little energy. SMD light elements produce natural soft light that is most conducive to the body and provides the minimum load on vision. In addition, the lamps belong to the common contact group GU10, which allows you to buy a lamp in any lighting equipment store if needed and replace it with ease.

 On the convenient and reliable push-button panel, there are 3 buttons for speed control, the shut-off button and the self-extractor and the button for switching off and turning on the light.

The Optima extractor is available in sizes 60 and 90 cm, which in fact allows you to adapt it to any hob, and the color variations of "stainless steel + transparent glass" and "black + transparent glass" will allow you to place it in a variety of interiors.

It should be noted that all elongated ТМ ELEYUS hoods are manufactured in Ukraine, in Ternopil and have the highest quality, which is confirmed by numerous certificates and popularity among consumers. An important achievement of TM ELEYUS on the modern market of built-in appliances is that, unlike its competitors, it gives a 5-year warranty on all hoods, including the Optima hood. The guarantee is provided by a powerful network of service centers in all regions of Ukraine.

To get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the hood, its dimensions, colors, instructions, and also to try to extract the Optima in the interior of your future or existing kitchen and much more, you will be able to visit the site of the manufacturer of TM ELEYUS.