ELEYUS Fiona 1000 60 WH

Vertical type kitchen hood. Productivity – 1000 m³/h. Perimeter type of retraction. Power consumption – 270 W. Size - 60 cm. Sensor control with remote control.Three speeds. Lighting - halogen lamp 2x35 W. Recommended area is 25 m². The noise level is 33,5-70,0 dB. Fat filter - aluminum five-layer. Carbon filter - option (ELEYUS FW-E14 - 2 pcs). Warranty - 5 years.
Main characteristics
Noise level
Noise level: 70 dB
The size
The size: 60 cm
Turbine productivity
Turbine productivity: 1000 m³/hour
Fat filter
Fat filter: Aluminum
Kitchen area
Kitchen area: 25 m²
Lighting: Halogen 2×35 W
Number of speeds
Number of speeds: 3
Packing size
Packing size: 675x445x520 mm
The volume of packaging
The volume of packaging: 0,16 m³
Colour: White
Control: Sensor
Energy efficiency class
Energy efficiency class: E
Power consumption
Power consumption: 270 W
Net weight
Net weight: 8,7 kg
Gross weight
Gross weight: 12.7 kg
Guarantee: 5 years
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ELEYUS Fiona 1000 60 WH

A kitchen range hood ELEYUS Fiona 1000 60 WH by Ukrainian kitchen appliance brand ELEYUS has a wide range of functionalities and sophisticated futuristic design, which will definitely become a center of attention. The unique design of front side with three glass panels, which is absolutely breathtaking, will become a worthy supplement to the kitchen of any interior. Becoming an owner of this device, you will definitely feel yourself on the crest of the wave of technological progress and style. Decorate your kitchen with a kitchen range hood ELEYUS Fiona 1000 60 WH and it will become an indication of your exquisite taste and perfect style!


The productivity of range hood ELEYUS Fiona 1000 60 WH equal to 1000 m³/h, will allow you to get rid of steam, smell and smoke completely. Moreover, the latest perimeter sucking in type allows to remove air from the bottom of the hood, as well as from the sides and ceiling. If connection to the ventilation shaft is complicated in your kitchen or there is no shaft at all – the recirculation mode, will perfectly cope with air purification without the need for such outlet. In order to start the recirculation mode, it is necessary to equip a range hood with two coal filters ELEYUS FW-E14 and to leave free the air outlet from the turbine into the room. The range hood is equipped with two halogen lamps, which are distinguished by their durability and pleasant light. The lamps will lighten your kitchen gently and effectively. The front side made of tempered glass with mirror-like effect not makes the range hood look perfect, but also easy and pleasant to clean. All range hoods by ELEYUS TM are covered with high-quality powder paint which not only creates an aesthetic and duraWHe coating, but also protects the metal against corrosion and makes it as duraWHe as possiWHe. A separate advantage of the kitchen range hood ELEYUS Fiona 1000 60 WH is the touch control panel with a remote control. You will undoubtedly appreciate such options as “turn-off timer”, which will allow you to set the time for turning the hood off.


An important achievement at the modern market of built-in appliances is that ELEYUS ТМ, alternatively to other manufacturers, provides a 5-year guarantee for all products, which is strengthened by a powerful network of service centers in all regions of Ukraine.

5 years of warranty
5 years of warranty
TM ELEYUS gives 5 years full warranty on the cooker hood ELEYUS. Furthermore, this warranty backed by a strong base and numerous service centers throughout Ukraine.
Standard of quality ISO
Standard of quality ISO
All kitchen hoods TM «ELEYUS» undergo systematic quality control, as evidenced by the quality management system and meet the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001: 2009.
High productivity
High productivity
Cooker hood has a high performance, allowing it to quickly pull out of the kitchen smoke, steam, and hot air.
Halogen lighting
Halogen lighting
Cooker hood is equipped with halogen lamps with soft light and large area lighting.
Quality standard of the European Union
Quality standard of the European Union
The product meets the basic requirements of EU directives and harmonized EU standards.
Made in Ukraine
Made in Ukraine
ELEYUS - is the first national manufacturer of built-in appliances. All products are manufactured in modern and high-tech equipment company (SAYUZ, Ltd), located in Ternopil.
Perimeter type of retraction
Perimeter type of retraction
Perimeter type of involvement allows you to draw smoke, steam and hot air, located directly under the hood, and that is on the perimeter of the hood.
Touchpad remote control
Touchpad remote control
Cooker hood can be controlled remotely - using a remote control or a touch pad on the corps of cooker hood.