ELEYUS Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB

Vertical type Kitchen hood. Turbine productivity - 1000 m³/h. Perimeter type of retraction. Power consumption - 206 W. Size - 60 cm. Mechanical control (rotary switch). Three speeds. Lighting - LED SMD 2x3 W. Recommended area is 25 m². The noise level is 42.9-65.1 dB. Fat filter - aluminum five-layer. Carbon filter - option (ELEYUS FW-E15100 - 2 pcs). Warranty - 5 years.
Main characteristics
Noise level
Noise level: 65 dB
The size
The size: 60 cm
Turbine productivity
Turbine productivity: 1000 m³/hour
Fat filter
Fat filter: Aluminum
Kitchen area
Kitchen area: 25 m²
Lighting: LED SMD 2×3 W
Number of speeds
Number of speeds: 3
Packing size
Packing size: 710x700x485 mm
The volume of packaging
The volume of packaging: 0,241 m³
Colour: Black+Railing bronze
Control: Mechanical
Energy efficiency class
Energy efficiency class: B
Power consumption
Power consumption: 206 W
Net weight
Net weight: 13,8 kg
Gross weight
Gross weight: 17,4 kg
Guarantee: 5 years
ELEYUS Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB

Of course, a true classic is eternal and unshakable, so it is worth admiration and attention, but nowadays it is difficult to be surprised or impressed by it. What do you think when looking at a beautiful and elegant vintage car? It is solid, sophisticated, its lines evoke the motives of the chic and gentility that there is no even a slight thought to drive it in jeans - only a tuxedo, just a classic one, the radio only, the companion is in a little black dress a la Chanel ... Now imagine his feelings when knowing that these beautiful classic lines are hidden under a high power engine and a whole set of high-tech features. The first opinion: it is impossible! A team of professionals of TM ELEYUS has long been the team of breaking stereotypes and invited the classics to the latest technology, creating the kitchen hood Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB, which will change your idea of form and content.

If you are a connoisseur of classical forms in the interior, you do not have to limit yourself to the functionality or high-filling, because the kitchen hood Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB absorbed the greatest achievements of engineering and design art. Its elegant flowing shape will be a real gem of the interior and leave no doubt about your high taste and style. The facade of tempered glass with mirror effect, coated ceramic high-temperature paint, combined with stylized and elegant mode switch rails creates a picture of luxury and perfection. Metal extraction of high-quality painted powder paint that not only gives it an aesthetic appearance, but also protects from external influences.

With its powerful turbine with a capacity of 1000 m³/h the kitchen hood Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB will leave no chance to extraneous odors, smoke and a pair in your kitchen. Radically, the new type of ribbon retraction allows the extract exhaust to capture the air not only from the bottom and the sides, but also from the ceiling that increases its effectiveness in times. Do you own kitchen with a complicated connection to the ventilation shaft? Do not worry, the kitchen hood Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB runs in recirculation mode, which cleans the air without the need for withdrawal it out. To ensure the recirculation mode it should be equipped with two carbon filters extract ELEYUS FW - E15100 to leave out the air from the turbine into the space of the room. The hood is equipped with two sophisticated LED lamps, which have a long-term of work (over 25,000 hours) and consumes little power. Light elements of class SMD produce natural light that is most favorable for the body and provide minimal eye strain. In addition, lamps belong to the common contact group GU10, allowing the lamp as needed to be bought in any store lighting equipment and easily replaced.Reliable and easy management of mechanical drawing, made in the form of extravagant switches complete the track kitchen hood Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB and make it truly perfect.

An important achievement of the modern market built-in appliances is that TM ELEYUS unlike competitors provides 5-year warranty on all products, which is supported by a strong network of service centers in all regions of Ukraine.

The team of developing engineers of TM ELEYUS has made many efforts to prove their professionalism towards the ideal of a truly amazing product. Do you think that you have anything difficult to be surprised? Becoming the owner of the kitchen hood Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB, you will see that the perfection has no limits!

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ELEYUS Classic 1000 LED SMD 60 BL+RB
5 years of warranty
5 years of warranty
TM ELEYUS gives 5 years full warranty on the cooker hood ELEYUS. Furthermore, this warranty backed by a strong base and numerous service centers throughout Ukraine.
Standard of quality ISO
Standard of quality ISO
All kitchen hoods TM «ELEYUS» undergo systematic quality control, as evidenced by the quality management system and meet the requirements of International Standard ISO 9001: 2009.
High productivity
High productivity
Cooker hood has a high performance, allowing it to quickly pull out of the kitchen smoke, steam, and hot air.
Mechanical control (pen)
Mechanical control (pen)
Convenient and reliable control switch is located so that it may be easier to use it. Control has 3 speeds, switch on and off the light.
Quality standard of the European Union
Quality standard of the European Union
The product meets the basic requirements of EU directives and harmonized EU standards.
Made in Ukraine
Made in Ukraine
ELEYUS - is the first national manufacturer of built-in appliances. All products are manufactured in modern and high-tech equipment company (SAYUZ, Ltd), located in Ternopil.
Perimeter type of retraction
Perimeter type of retraction
Perimeter type of involvement allows you to draw smoke, steam and hot air, located directly under the hood, and that is on the perimeter of the hood.
Cooker hood is equipped with LED lamps with soft light, low energy consumption and large area lighting.
Decorative elements - railing
Decorative elements - railing
The hood is equipped with decorative elements - the railings are available in gold, bronze or copper version.
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