Gas cooker hob ELEYUS VITA WH CW

Gas cooking hob. Classic design. Hob material - glass. 4 burners. WOK burner with a power of 2.5 kW (SABAF). 2 lattices (cast iron). Rotary switches with blocking. Electro-ignition - automatic in the handle. Thickness of the surface is 45 mm. Cord length: 1,0 m. Modern ergonomic design. It is equipped with nozzles for connecting to the gas main, and to the gas cylinder (an additional set of nozzles). 5 years of official warranty from the manufacturer.
Main characteristics
Type: Gas
Kind of hob
Kind of hob: Classic
Size: 60 cm
Hob material
Hob material: Glass
Color: White
Grates material
Grates material: Cast iron
Number of grates
Number of grates: 2
Control: Rotary switches with blocking
Gas Control
Gas Control: No
Number of burners
Number of burners: 4
First burner
First burner: WOK 2,5 kW (SABAF), ø 10,5 cm
Second burner
Second burner: 1,0 kW, diameter 5,5 cm
Third burner
Third burner: 1,75 kW, diameter 7,5 cm
Fourth burner
Fourth burner: 1,75 kW, diameter 7,5 cm
WOK: Yes (large 2,5 kW)
Electro-ignition: Automatic (in the handle)
Type of gas
Type of gas: Natural gas/liquefied gas
Mounting dimensions
Mounting dimensions: 490х560х50 mm
Package size (LxWxH)
Package size (LxWxH): 590х670х130 mm
Weight: 10,4 kg
Weight in the package
Weight in the package: 11,9 kg
Guarantee: 5 years
Pasport Drawing
Gas cooker hob ELEYUS VITA WH CW

Ukrainian brand of built-in kitchen appliances ELEYUS does its best so that you could enjoy usage of our products, and a gas cooker hob ELEYUS VITA WH CW is a proof of that. Reliability and style, combination of cutting-edge technology and futuristic design, ease of usage and maintenance – thanks to these features, the time spent near the cooker hob will be sweet and relaxed. ELEYUS VITA WH CW is the thing you need for a comfortable life!

The gas cooker hob ELEYUS VITA WH CW is made of tempered glass, which is extremely easy to maintain and which will preserve an aesthetic look for a long time. In addition, the glass hob will look equally harmonious in a variety of interiors. The reverse side of the glass is covered with high-temperature ceramic paint. The gas cooker hob is equipped with cast iron grids of a comfortable and ergonomic design. Cast iron is easy in maintenance, it can withstand long-term effects of high temperatures, so it will serve you for many years.

Having equipped a hob with locking rotary switches, we thought of your safety first, because they prevent accidental switching on the device (you have press and turn the switch to turn it on).

We have ensured that you can cook on ELEYUS VITA WH CW cooker hob a variety of dishes, so they were equipped with four burners: one super-fast (WOK of the well-known Italian brand SABAF) (2.5 kW), two semi-fast (1.75 kW each) and one auxiliary (1 kW). The burners are placed on the hob in such a way and at such a distance that you can use your favorite cookware regardless of its shape and size. Electro firing with handle control makes using the device more simple - matches and lighters are no longer needed. In order to increase ergonomics of the device, the control knobs are located on the right side of the hob, at a safe distance from the auxiliary burner. The knobs are placed below the grids, making it impossible to contact them with hot dishes and preventing heating. In addition, the fast burner is located at the front on the left and is partially pushed forward, which allows you to use dishes of larger sizes and protect the surface of the wall from heating. The gas cooker hob is equipped with nozzles both for connection to the gas main, and to the gas cylinder (an additional set of nozzles).

In order to certify high quality and safety of usage, all gas cooker hobs of ELЕYUS ТМ undergo a three-level gas fittings leak control at different stages of production.

An important achievement at the modern market of built-in appliances is that ELEYUS ТМ, alternatively to other manufacturers, provides a 5-year guarantee for all products, which is strengthened by a powerful network of service centers in all regions of Ukraine.

5 years of warranty
5 years of warranty
TM ELEYUS gives 5 years full warranty on the cooker hood ELEYUS. Furthermore, this warranty backed by a strong base and numerous service centers throughout Ukraine.
Quality standard of the European Union
Quality standard of the European Union
The product meets the basic requirements of EU directives and harmonized EU standards.
ELEYUS TM goods complies with the RoHS Directive, which limits the use of hazardous substances in the production.
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 9001: 2015
ELEYUS TM goods meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Quality Management System.
Cast iron lattices
Cast iron lattices
Cast iron lattices of attractive ergonomic design are resistant to burning, durable and easy to maintain.
Electric ignition with control in the handle makes the use of the device light and easy. Forget about matches and lighters in the kitchen!
Four-level control of the  gas fittings connections tightness
Four-level control of the gas fittings connections tightness
To confirm the high quality and safety of using, all gas cookers ELEYUS are subject to four-level control of the gas fittings connections tightness at different levels of production.
Energy efficiency class "A"
Energy efficiency class "A"
Allows you to use up to 50% less power compared to other electrical appliances.